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Since 1989, Outdoor Connection has been matching client expectations with a variety of inspected and approved hunting and fishing destinations. With over 250 lodges, outfitters and guide services to choose from, Outdoor Connection has found that special location not far from home to the international dream trip of a lifetime for thousands of trip takers.

We meet client needs by managing their expectations. Utilizing our network of sales team members, we put destination options that fit, based on what the client wants, in the clients’ hands. Our sales team members have personal experience themselves, as do each of their peers in the company, that allows them to pick the best fit from our inspected and approved destinations.

If you are interested in being part of the Outdoor Connection team, then the door is open. Contact us through the following link and submit your application. We also offer training options and optional promotional tools to get you started. For more information, contact us by either calling 620-364-5500 or email at info@outdoor-connection.com.

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