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Why Join the Outdoor Connection Team?

Your timing is great to join the Outdoor Connection team!

Selling for Outdoor Connection offers you several important advantages in starting a business. You will be provided with the best product in our industry, the training and continuing education needed to help you sell this product, a brand name that is recognized and services provide by our corporate office for all of your day-to-day business needs.

Imagine yourself working in your own office within an industry that you love. Imagine spending your time talking to people who are excited to plan their next outdoor adventures with you. You, as their outdoor travel professional, will the have the opportunity to make dreams come true. It could be a father’s first big game hunt with his son. It could be a honeymoon. It may be an incentive trip to reward employees for their hard work. Whatever the trip, the people involved will be excited and they will be looking to you to find them an adventure to remember their entire lives.

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