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When you are awarded sales consultant status it is for all the right reasons.  You have met our quality control expectations and have the makeup to be a successful team member.  Your level of success will be limited only by your imagination.  Be assured that our 20+ years of answering client needs will be a your disposal as you do your homework in matching client needs with proper destinations.  The following are options available to you for your consideration as tools that could make a difference...
Start Up Kit:

  • 100 personalized business cards
  • 100 personalized letterhead
  • 100 personalized envelopes
  • 100 Sporting Adventure catalogs
  • 100 Corporate Adventure catalogs
  • One long sleeve Outdoor Connection tee shirt, one Outdoor Connection hoodie, one Outdoor Connection business trade show shirt and 12 Outdoor Connection hats

Start Up Kit Cost - $750

Website Kit:

  • Mirror image site with all OC info changes included
  • $750 plus hosting ($240 per year)

Marketing Kit:

  • Personalized TRACKS – monthly newsletter
  • Personalized Sales Flyers – 1 or more per week
  • Personalized Destination Brochures
  •  Fee is $25 per month